After many years of dreaming and searching for the right place to start a business, I was BEYOND excited to announce that we had finally found the perfect spot to open a Salon & Boutique!!

Raised in a small town where everyone knew each other , I always knew growing up that I wanted to own my own business . Graduating in May 2003, I moved to Lafayette within months to begin my future career which started August 2003. From the first day I entered the doors of Cosmetology Training Center, also known as CTC, I knew this was the right path for my career. I was able to graduate in October 2004 and begin my profession. I have been doing hair for 16 years and I am loving every second of it . In 2015 I wanted to expand my business, so I started selling jewelry, mostly making hand made items so each customer would receive a unique piece. I knew in order to sell jewelry, a business name had to be thought of . I thought for days on what it could be and finally decided on A Strand Above and knew this name was for my business. This business name would later be able to be tiered into "Salon & Boutique" when We were ready to be a storefront.